St. Philemon's Academic Center for Excellence

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How you can help???

Drop-Off or Mail Itemized Donations to Healing Hearts Outreach, Inc at:

       The Private Chapel of the Sacred Heart

       5220 Hosner Road, Metamora MI 48455

Donate Money to: Healing Hearts Outreach


         (810) 667 2684

Or... look into our page on Mission Work In Africa.

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For more information on our Student Sponsorship (SACHET), donating & web-store programs, visit our main Healing Hearts Outreach & S.P.A.C.E  website at:

St. Philemon's Academic Center for Excellence email:                   [email protected]

Project Coordinator for Africa: Maxine L. Galiati  (810) 667-2684                       

Area Contact                                                                                        [email protected]

Area Contact: Jacolynn Gibbs    (586) 634 5653                                 [email protected]

Healing Hearts Outreach, Inc
C/O 620 Turrill Drive

Lapeer, MI 48446
Phone: (810) 667 2684, 810 338 5941