St. Philemon's Academic Center for Excellence

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Missions To Africa

How you can help?


Donate Money to:


  (810) 667 2684, (248) 895 7002


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St. Philemon Academic Center for Excellence email: 
              [email protected]

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(810) 667 2684, (248) 321 1288, (248) 895 7002

Project Coordinator for Africa I: 

Maxine Galiati: (810) 667 2684

Our mission group visits the Village of Ogoli-Ipangbo, Nigeria, throughout the year.  We have numerous mission trips and we travel several times a year to see our hard work and donations in full use. We visit the school, St Philemon’s Academic Center for Excellence, a Pre-School and Elementary/Primary School benefiting children from ages 2-7 and more. The school was started in 2001 and is entering its inaugural year in 2011. Also called S.P.A.C.E, the school is the new direction in which we hope many will follow.  

   If you are interested in going with one of our mission trips to Ogoli-Ipangbo, : (248) 895 7002 (248( 321 1288 or Maxine Galiati (810) 667 2684


We work 24/7 organizing various ways to help many men, women and children globally in any possible way we could. One of our biggest challenges faced globally is the lack of education. We know that one step at a time we can assist in educating children who may not have the adequate resources to obtain the education they deserve. 

 If you are unable to take our mission group trips -  look at our donations list below... we can always use donations.

SPACE was established so that many children of Ogoli-Ipangbo (a village in the country Nigeria in the continent of Africa) will not have to experience many of the educational challenges orphans and children normally face while growing up.

As we all know, all educational institutions must have a support system…please help us and support SPACE in anyway you can. Currently we have an additional need for the following:

  • Books (New or Used)
  • School Supplies
  • Non-Perishable Foods
  • First Aid Kits and shoes
  • Computers
  • Laptops
  • Buses/School Vans/School Transportation
  • Financial Contributions in any degree
  • Child Sponsorship
  • Students' Scholarship

We look forward to any assistance that will further help us enable the children of our world a fair and productive education.


As part of our goal of globally healing the broken-hearted world, Healing Hearts Outreach is heavily involved and supportive in medical missions to Africa. We have created a successful partnership with World Medical Relief (WMR-African Partners), Haiti Outreach Mission (HOM) Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, MI, Beaumont West Bloomfield Ambulatory Center and Franciscans of Independence, MO in providing medical equipment and supplies for Saint Agatha's Clinic at Ogoli and various hospitals in Africa including those in Otukpo and Ibadan of Nigeria.

Annually our mission team partners with local medical professionals in the U. S. and Africa. we collect donated medical equipment and supplies. Fortunately, due to our generous donations, we are often able to execute free health clinics and perform free medical procedures for those in need of emergency attention.

We cannot continue to be the helping hands in assisting medical professionals internationally without additional donations of medical equipment/supplies and volunteers.

Please feel free to join us and invite your friends and family to get involved!


Hunger is a worldwide epidemic that can equally affect men, women and children of all ages nationally and internationally. With the affects of shortened food assistance programs that are geared towards assisting international missions, the negative affects are increasing daily. Everyday according to statistics, one child dies from hunger every 8 seconds and 930 million overall are left hungry.

With such a devastating crisis unlike we have seen within the last 60 years, the lack of organizations and the lack of government food assistance programs worldwide is only leading towards an international society where no child spread amongst every other 3 miles in many of the under developed countries, will eat a healthy meal or have access to clean drinking water.

Healing Hearts Outreach understands the need to step up and fight this epidemic. Our organization would like to do our part and help feed the men, women and children of Africa. In Africa alone, 30 percent of the people suffer from hunger. We have been instrumental in the past 6 years donating non-perishable items and clean drinking water to many places such as St. Philemon’s School in Nigeria and the village of Ogoli-Ipangbo in Otukpo, Nigeria.

Although we have seen a decrease in hunger in Africa, the heavily important need is still there for food and clean drinking water. Here at Healing Hearts Outreach, there is a never ending goal to eliminate hunger worldwide.

We look forward to your love and support…